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The American College of Cardiology had a meeting to discuss a number of controversial findings on how to treat a patient with congestive heart failure. Not every person is a like therefore; a treatment for one Patient may not work on another one. This has left many Patients scratching their heads over the proper treatment for their cardiovascular condition. The experts have admitted that what works for one heart patient may not work for another one.
There was a study of over 2,300 patients where angloplasty-vs-drug therapy comparison proved the same. The result was that no differences in death, nonfatal heart attacks, strokes or hospitalization between patients with “stable” heart disease treated with medication alone vs. those who got drugs plus angioplasty and stenting.
A physician realizes that you as a patient know your own body and know your own needs such as diets and exercise. A Patients treatment by the medical field solely based accordingly to their needs and accessibility of medical procedures. Each patient should have the right too know what his care will be and what he can do to help prevent congestive heart failure. The patient should plan to make for him or herself a plan of action that will have a healthy lifestyle. Start with diet and exercise the two most important things in your life to improve upon in order to have a healthy heart.
The Patient still has rights over their own body as to the type of treatment and care they want to receive. The Patient should make a list of what they feel in order to discuss with the doctor the symptoms that they are suffering. This will help your doctor in diagnosis of your case and determine the treatment and care that is best for you. You should be able to confer with your physician on any type of treatment recommended and ask for a second opinion if you are not sure about what the procedures recommended for you are right. You can start your own program to help with your condition if you find that congestive heart failure is just around the corner or you already show symptoms.
First, look at your weight. Are you overweight? Do you need a diet? You know the answers to these questions all to well. A diet plan should fit your physical needs, which will help you loose weight and keep the weight off as well. You do not have to join a group or special buy your food in order to go on a diet. There are adequate diets plans available free on the internet. You should check with your physician before you attempt a diet plan. The next thing that you can do is exercise to help loose weight and relieve stress. You can become your own Patient keep track of your vitals, weight loss and any other important information about yourself. A Patient has power to control the way that they live their life.
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