How To Choose Your Personal Scent

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There is nothing like wearing a particular fragrance as a signature. Long after you have left the room your fragrance can linger. A particular fragrance can make quite an impact, on both sexes.
Most perfumes are made by combining three scents called notes. The top note lasts the least amount of time, the middle note lasts longer and the base note lasts around 24 hours. Generally when you first smell a perfume you will notice the top note. A few hours later you will smell the middle note.
There are seven fragrance types used in the creation of perfumes, they are woodsy or mossy, oriental, fruity, single floral, floral bouquet, spicy and what are called modern blends.
Today custom blended fragrances are becoming very popular. A personal perfumer will determine your basic preference, floral or citrus, spicy or outdoorsy. The perfumer will make selections based on your preference and then will “waft” these essential fragrance oils under your nose. They generally have you pick four favorites from that group. From that group of four you will pick a favorite one to be used as a base note.
Other perfumers will blend perfumes based on astrological signs and personality traits. Some perfumers have gone so far as to conduct tests based on color preference. Color psychologists say that colors supply information about the kind of fragrances we like. Events and seasons can also influence what fragrance a woman chooses to wear.
Your body chemistry will influence how any perfume will smell. It’s known that over time the same perfume will change on a woman due to changes in body chemistry.
If you do wear a scent make sure that you use the same scent body wash and lotion. You don’t want to clash. If you want a strong scent wear a perfume. If you want a lighter scent consider a spritzer or using a lotion containing the scent you like.
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