17 Diet and Lifestyle Changes For Sinus Infections

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Your diet plays a significant role in your everyday life. It can also serve as a basis for determining the health of an individual. If you’re used to eating unhealthy choices of foods, then your body tends to be weak and can’t resist viral and bacterial attacks. Sinus infections can be caused by bacteria, virus, and fungi. There are lots of treatments for this condition but prevention is still the best way to fight this infection. Having a healthy body and strong immune system will help you a lot in fighting infections, including that of the sinus.
Living a healthy life entails a lot of work. You need to be conscious about the foods you’re eating and the mental activities that you’re engaging. You must also ensure that you’re getting enough exercise.
Making certian changes in your lifestyle may sound very difficult at first but if you’re determined to prevent future health conditions, you will do everything in your power to incorporate these changes in your life.
For the prevention of sinus infections, here are some changes that you should do:
1.Drink enough water everyday; 8-10 glasses of water everyday can help you attain a healthier body
2.Fresh fruit juices are also good for your health; drink plenty of it as well
3.Eat your vegetables, just like your mother told you when you’re still a kid; but you need to lessen your consumption of zucchini, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
4.Take lots of bitter tasting or pungent items; warm foods are also good for fighting sinus infections
5.Eat more of pear, apples, and other lighter fruits but reduce on sour fruits like oranges, pineapples, bananas, dates, figs, coconuts, avocados, and melons.
6.Eat cottage cheese and yogurt but eat less of dairy foods
7.Lessen your consumption of oily, heavy, and cold foods; as well as sour, salty, and sweet tasting foods
8.Consume less of millet and barley, rice or wheat
9.To relieve congestion, sinus pressure, and increase mucus flow, drink hot liquids
10.Take honey but avoid sugary products; you can also take boiled milk but only the low-fat ones
11.Include garlic in your diet
12.Avoid strongly scented perfumes, body and hair oils
13.Avoid taking frequent naps; if the weather is damp or cold, keep yourself warm all the time
14.Steam inhalation is very good for getting rid of the clogged mucus; add some eucalyptus oil to the water for better results
15.Early to bed and early to rise; and don’t forget to do some yoga practices like fish, sun salutation, locust; you can also do some meditation and pranayama
16.Sesame oil massage is great but take a soothing warm shower first
17.Don’t get too attached to emotional upsets; learn to let go
According to yoga and ayurveda specialists, sinus infections are caused by imbalanced doshas. In order to address your sinusitis, you have to be compassionate to yourself so that you can balance the doshas once more.
Yoga and other alternative treatments are quite effective but it will depend on your willingness to undertake some drastic changes in your life. True enough, you can’t change overnight and so you need to introduce the changes gradually. If you start now, you will thank yourself in the near future. You will soon cure your sinus infections and other health conditions.
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