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Jogging can be a great way to get the exercise your body needs, but too many people quit it after a couple of tries. There are many reasons for it but hopefully these tips will help you to stay on track with your desire to jog. Take an honest inventory of your level of fitness right now. Be realistic in your goals and you will be happier with the process of jogging. You can’t go from sitting on the couch to jogging five miles in an afternoon.
Try to set up a distance that you will be happy jogging as a starting point. Should you get tired you can walk and then jog more when you get your breath back. Eventually you will be able to jog that distance without walking. Set goals for yourself to increase the distance you jog in small increments each week. Don’t focus on finishing that distance in less time but on getting more distance covered.
If you don’t take the time to stretch before and after you go jogging you are going to be in pain. Your muscles will feel tight and you will decide not to go jogging for a couple of days. Proper stretching is also going to help you to prevent injuries to your legs and feet while jogging. If you do get sore at first alternate with walking for a few days until you feel better. At least this way you are still getting some exercise into your daily routine.
Jog at your own pace and not at someone else’s. It can be intimidating when you see other people jogging longer than you or faster than you. Yet your only competition should be yourself. Compliment your efforts and focus on what you have accomplished. Celebrate reaching milestones and goals that you have set for yourself as well.
Many people get bored jogging as they go the same route all the time. Get a pedometer so you can keep track of how far you go. Then choose some various routes so you can see something new. Changing the scenery can certainly motivate you to continue with your routine of jogging. Dress in layers too so you don’t get too hot or cold. You can always remove a light jacket and tie it around your waist.
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