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A look at how we can all access our intuitive / psychic ability
Becoming a full time psychic and healer is something that was chosen for me rather than a conscious choice I made.  Talk to psychics and many times you’ll find the same story; one of the innate ability being awoken within us at some point in our lives that pushes us to do this work
One of the first things I noticed was that suddenly to many people I’d become some sort of alien. A lot were sure I’d totally “lost it”, giving up the big salaries and high profile of my previous occupation to become something they saw as ‘flaky’ and ‘weird’…
What undoubtedly influenced them, was the word ‘psychic’ conjuring up a vision of the archetypal end-of-the-pier’ fortune-teller sitting aloft a crystal ball professing that ‘you’ll meet a tall man driving a sports car and have 3 children’.
This stereotype is far from the truth of most psychics’ daily work, which is being someone who can commune with the universe and spirit to offer guidance, reason, direction and foresight beyond the conventional; being there for people who need to find their way onto their destined life path.    I use the term ‘calling’ because when it happens, the drive to use the ability is profound and transcends other concerns such as what other people are going to think.
Even with the chuckling and comments received from others when I changed my situation I’ve rarely come across anyone who isn’t fascinated by psychics and psychic ability – both skeptics and believers alike. Somewhere within all of us we’re intrigued, we have an underlying human quest to know what life is all about and that makes most of us express at least some interest in anyone who could possibly see beyond the physical world.
It’s this fascination that seems to be a part of everyone that makes those of us working in metaphysics the subject of endless conjecture. Many want to believe but can’t see past their own boundaries that if it hasn’t happened to them then it’s hard to believe and they need what they call ‘proof’.
You won’t ever meet a psychic who hasn’t been asked to ‘prove it’ and yet despite proving it every day in our work, many individuals need to personally experience a psychic reading to start to accept on any level that there is something ‘out there’ beyond what we can see and touch and taste and smell and hear.  This is because we live in a world of 3 dimensions, looking to our five senses for our sense of reality, which actually blinds us to the other dimension, that of energy.  Our ‘proof’ that something is real is if we can see, touch, taste smell or hear it.
To question that 3 dimensional reality for a moment in order to illustrate the point…Very few people understand the theories of electromagnetic propagation, yet we all experience turning on a TV set and watching the pictures sent through the air…We can’t see, feel, smell or touch these magical waves and most don’t understand them; yet radio transmission has become an accepted norm and so we don’t see the need to question it, we just turn on the TV.   It’s being trapped in this physical version of truth and reality and only accepting what can be manifested in 3 dimensions i.e. the TV set, the radio, the microwave etc, that has conditioned us away from our natural psychic ability to read energy.
Energy is at the core of our being. It’s emotions, senses, intuition, sensation, spirit, vibrancy, courage, love, passion and pain – all of those things that aren’t thoughts. In other words it’s primal to our existence…and yet we often only credit what we think is real because it has some sort of 3 dimensional form.
A classic I often hear when telling someone another does actually love them is “my friends say if he loved me he would be with me”…Well ok but these friends just discounted the entire range of negative human emotions like fear, insecurity, doubt, guilt, worry etc. In being slaves to their ‘reality’ they are being utterly blinded to what’s actually happening..  The client will often then ask how I ‘know’ this person loves them. That’s an easy answer, I can feel it…
When we can allow ourselves the freedom to open our minds and more importantly our instincts to a world beyond the physical that we open a doorway to accessing our own spiritual / psychic potential and then things that previously seemed supernatural begin to make a new sense and reason.
Unlocking one’s own psychic potential isn’t an add-on to our conventional way of living – it’s living life in a totally new awareness. Once we can do that our natural abilities can be accessed up to each individuals maximum potential. Remember I said that many of us find ourselves on this path whether we chose it or not. That’s because as part of our destiny we had to go through some personal transformation that brought about this awareness, and with it, our ability to use our psychic connection to the universe in order to help others.
Ok so if you’ve managed to stick with me this far, then I guess you may want to know how you can access your own abilities…Well like most powerful things the concept is ridiculously easy, but the implementation takes work.     Today you are reading this and thinking; thinking that’s driving your actions, for example you may throw the article away and not read any further or on the other hand you may decide to read on. You may also be worried that you’re late for work, feeling too hot, too cold, too tired or haven’t paid the latest telephone bill etc
So we think, that’s how we convene with our daily reality…. but while we’re doing this thinking what do we feel and sense… Feeling and sensing are the tools used to commune with the dimension of energy but thinking diverts us from attuning to these other senses.
Cosmic energy is the energy that our souls are made of, the energy that the universe is made of, the energy that links us all together and as one humankind links us to the universe. It links our destinies as individuals and the connections between us, plots our pasts, present and futures.   As an example; all of my readings are via telephone and people will often ask how I can read them over a phone line. Well the answer is simple, I’m not. I don’t even need the phone line because I’m accessing their energy via the universal pool of energy from which we all came, to which we return, and within which we all live. Just like the TV transmissions mentioned earlier, spiritual energy is all around us, and all we need to do is know how to tune in to it.
From this energy psychics sense and feel thoughts and emotions and situations and often-physical descriptions. Any attuned psychic can read someone on the other side of the planet as easily as someone in the next room because we access them through the universal energy – the energy dimension which doesn’t have a distance or time, it’s omnipresent…
Do we all have this ability…yes, although some can develop to a higher level than others dependant on each individual’s maximum potential.  Having worked with many people to develop their abilities; without doubt the largest hurdle is not their natural ability – it’s suspending disbelief. Some of the most natural psychics I’ve met have the problem that for a long time they don’t believe it.
The classic scenario is someone going through a development session and being asked to read a person, most usually I ask students to read someone I know well but whom they haven’t ever met.  And even after they’ve described that person, their personality, situation, relationships, work, emotions and even foreseen events in their lives I often watch the face as they say “yeah but I could be wrong” or “are you sure I’ve described them properly?”
It’s that suspension of disbelief that sometimes takes years to overcome. And the more intelligent and more practical the person training the harder it usually is. Back again to that 3 dimensional “proof”…And here we touch briefly on an even more interesting point of what is reality.. To illustrate that point, let’s say we’re in a development training session and we read a subject who the reader has never met.  During the session we both feel that the subject is unhappy and not having a good time in their life. Then suppose that subject turned up and we asked them if they felt miserable and life wasn’t too good. Ok so how many people would admit that they really weren’t happy…
The point here is that we couldn’t even necessarily trust the subjects own account of his/her situation because of ego, that brain again, wanting to give an impression that “I’m fine” or “no not me I’m so damn happy”…  So which is the reality? Well here’s the punch line and it’s an important one in the context of talking about psychic abilities. There is only one reality.   Probably one look at this subjects face as they walked into the room would tell us they weren’t happy even if they denied it as a form of defense mechanism. But the reality is something else. And we tuned into that reality…. So the cosmic reality is one reality, it’s not subjective, it’s not open to different interpretations, it just is
This is a vitally important point about psychic reading and it goes a lot deeper into the way the universe works but for now we’ve illustrated the point… In psychic reading, we are generally looking for answers, reasons, explanations and forecast for people. When we can tune into the person, their energy, connections, friends, worries fear etc we are sensing the true reality of what they are experiencing. But they may either not like to admit it, or be in some way confused or even delusional about what’s happening. In that case they may not accept the answers we give them too willingly.
Remember earlier in the article I commented that becoming spiritually developed – more psychically aware isn’t an add-on to an existing reality, it’s about a new reality and seeing and knowing things in a different way.  The above example is typical of how often we can know a truth yet people around us may not want to accept that truth or even want us to know it. Yet it’s being totally true to what we are receiving from spirit even when the tangible evidence seems to point the opposite way that assures our psychic development.
The actual process of psychic reading is a natural one, the real key issues to address using that ability successfully are the one’s we’ve talked about here…. Summing up, what we’re saying here is that to access one’s own psychic ability it’s necessary to take several vitally important steps to …
Accept that we are all linked via cosmic energy and suspend disbelief while you explore your abilities.
Don’t think; – sense and feel for the answers. Learning to meditate is an essential to help quiet the brain in order to tune-in.
Understand that there is only one truth to any situation. Stick to that truth and don’t waver even if others disagree or people don’t like the answer.
Know. True psychic ability gives us an inner knowing about things, a total surety without the need for any other evidence. It’s never doubting this knowing and encouraging it at all times that keeps us close to the cosmic truths…..
These things are the hardest part of the path. Reading itself comes naturally although it is necessary to learn techniques to hone our skills and to understand how to interpret messages and to protect against negative energy.
The secrets of the universe are all there staring us in the face. It’s just that we are never going to fully understand them just by thinking…we have to access them using all of our senses and intuition, and once we can we see the real truth, the real magic behind things and it changes our understanding forever….
Have fun on your spiritual journey
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Content: PLR,Steve Gunn
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