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Pregnancy is indeed one of the best things that can happen to any woman. This is because it is through conceiving a child can the woman feel her worth as caring and doting mother to the future baby. Although nothing can amount the feeling of fulfillment brought by motherhood, many women are quite hesitant to get into it because they are afraid of gaining too much weight.
To help women from panicking over the amount of weight they can gain during pregnancy, people came out with a tool that can estimate a pregnant woman’s weight gain—the pregnancy weight gain calculator.
How this educated guess works
The pregnancy weight gain calculator is one of the tools where pregnant women rely when it comes to the amount of weight they should expect during this stage at their lives.
Experts say that weight gain during pregnancy varies to every woman. If fact, when it comes to pregnancy, no two women gain the exact same weight even if they have the same height, weight, and overall physical frame. This is because their bodies go through a lot of hormonal changes which makes it hard to compare their weight gain during pregnancy.
To give women—who are quite conscious about their weight gain during pregnancy—a pregnancy weight calculator is used to give them an educated guess how heavy they can get during and even after the pregnancy.
The calculator—which can be used by accessing various pregnancy websites—can give pregnant women a general and basic guide how much weight they can gain and how to adjust to these bodily changes.
In using the pregnancy weight gain calculator, the pregnant woman’s current height and weight should be taken into consideration. The woman’s normal weight and height prior to her pregnancy should also be recorded. These pieces of information are very important because her weight and height before conceiving can determine the range of weight gain she can expect.
Here’s a step-by-step procedure of using it the pregnancy weight gain calculator:
1. Look for a reliable website. This is very important because the website can give you not just an educated guess about you weight gain but can also provide you important information on coping up with weight gain during pregnancy. Reliable websites may include parenting sites as well as pregnancy sites especially constructed for expecting women.
2. Start estimating your weight gain. This can be done by providing information such as height (in inches) and weight (in pounds) before your pregnancy. Usually, measurements required are feet and inches (metric) and pounds or kilograms. Through a pregnancy weight gain calculator, you can get not just an estimated weight gain for single pregnancy but for double, triple, or quadruple pregnancies as well.
3. Enter the number of months of pregnancy. You can do this by simple clicking the number of months you have been pregnant.
4. Wait for the calculation. Once all the needed information have been entered, the pregnancy weight gain calculator will then do the processing and will give you the result or estimation in less than a minute.
Although estimating the weight that can be gained during pregnancy can be fun using a pregnancy weight gain calculator is fun, pregnant women should not rely on it 100 percent. This is because their weight gain may vary depending on the type of pregnancy they are having.
To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, it is always best to get a regular check up with an ob-gyne.
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