Medsblock Blockchain Technology Contributes Breakthrough to the Healthcare Scene

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Medsblock medical and healthcare platform helps to solve existing problems and inefficiencies in the healthcare industry today. Despite the push for more collaborated healthcare system, there continues to be significant gaps and disparities in healthcare that affect the quality of care provided.

Medsblock fills up the gap to create a more efficient healthcare ecosystem. The definition of gaps in the healthcare industry refers to the disparities in healthcare access, needs and medical services that are provided when comparing data within the population. And the gap also exists inside the healthcare system.

“Inside the healthcare sector, patient data and information remain scattered across different departments and systems. Due to this, crucial data is not easily accessible and readily available in time of need. The existing healthcare ecosystem cannot be considered complete as multiple participants do not have a common system in place for smooth process management. Many healthcare facilities today are still dependent on outdated systems for keeping patient records. These systems hold the functionality of keeping local records of the patient data, which make the information sharing even harder. This is where Medsblock finds it place and create value.“ Mr Goh Yida, committee member of MedsBlock who is a sports science graduate and has extensive understanding on injury prevention and management, sports and exercise management commented.

Issues prevailing in the current healthcare sector are not limited. They keep on growing with high-intensity with time. The need for a technically advanced system such as Medsblock is undeniable. The demand for quality healthcare services that backed up with the latest technologies is urgent. In addition, the healthcare system landscape is shifting towards a more patient-centric approach, which focuses on four major elements namely, accessible, affordable, appropriate and safe treatment.

Medsblock blockchain technology has the ability to bring out a massive breakthrough in the healthcare ecosystem. Firstly, it can bring back the power to patients’ hands. Meaning that individuals will be responsible for handling their own records thus, getting the overall control of their own data.

Secondly, blockchain for healthcare allows multiple entities in the healthcare ecosystem to stay in sync while simultaneously share data on a distributed ledger. With such a system in place, the participants can share and keep a track of their data along with other activities happening in the system without having to look out for additional options for integrity and security. This offers higher security and transparency. Medsblock provides doctors with more time to spend on patient care and treatments. It will also enable better sharing of statistics of researches which would facilitate clinical trials and treatment therapies for any rare disease.

Innovative solutions and technologies like Medsblock blockchain will continue to help the healthcare ecosystem. The healthcare industry is appreciative of the efforts and will embrace new breakthroughs that can help everyone.

About Medsblock (
MedsBlock is a decentralized medical and healthcare platform that allows users to access and exchange their data in a rapid, secure and transparent manner. With the use of blockchain technology, MedsBlock gives conditional access to doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacist and insurers, creating a community of healthcare professionals which allows them to interact to ensure that our patients receive the best healthcare advice and treatments.

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